Healed From Multiple Diseases

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A woman who was suffering so much under the bondage of sicknesses was healed after visiting the Kumasi church in the Ashanti region of Ghana during one of the Thursday services. She said, she thought she was going to die because of the things she was suffering and by the dreams she kept having daily.

She was very sick and did not even have money to go to the hospital, her kidneys and liver all had problems.

She was suffering from hole in heart condition, migraine and had signs of stroke with pain in both her left leg and arm. She was also suffering from fibroid and cyst at the same time. She did not even have money for the fibroid and cyst operations that the doctors wanted to perform on her, not to talk of the kidney and liver operations and medications for the other conditions.

She was depressed and gave up and wished for death as a means of escape from her situation. She could not sleep in the night because of all the pain she was having in her head, arms, legs and stomach and also the nightmares she kept having whenever she shut her eyes to sleep. 

After she was prayed for during her visit to the church, all the symptoms of sicknesses and ailments vanished. She is completely healed from the pains, fibroid, stroke, migraines and cyst conditions.

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