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Maranatha Power Ministries International (MPMI) was born through a revelation God gave to Bishop Francis Afotey Odai in a dream.

Maranatha Power Ministries International did not break away from any church. God directed the Founder and General Overseer, Bishop Noble Francis Afotey Odai to leave his former church together with his wife, Rev. Mrs. Valerie Afotey Odai, and two of his children at the time. The Church was born through a revelation God gave to the Founder and General Overseer. In a dream, he saw a dilapidated foundation of a mighty building in a remote locality that was destroyed by flood. A man dressed in a light blue robe gave the Founder a charge to repair and build. Being a former building contractor, he requested from the man he saw in the dream that he could secure sufficient laborers to undertake such a massive building and renovation project. The founder also asked the man how he was going to build. He then saw the man in his dream handing over a folded plan to him. Suddenly, people started coming from bushes with building tools-shovels, head pans, etc and were ready to work. On the twenty-first day of forty days of fasting and prayers, the Founder was painfully ejected by his landlady on 6th February 1996. After his ejection, he relocated to an uncompleted building in a remote locality in Nungua-Addogono in Accra where Maranatha Power Ministries International was born. After the 40-day fast, God gave him a direction to start a ministry. In view of this, in February 1996, morning devotion was started which led to the commencement of church on 8th September the same year when a purely apostolic ministry work began in obedience to the Almighty God. The church started with 14 people.
Maranatha Power Ministries International has grown steadily since the mid-2000s, and now as a result of relentless and persistent prayers, the missions and evangelism work led by the Founder has been crowned. This is evidenced by over 100 branches established in cities, towns, and rural communities of the Greater Accra Eastern, Central, Brong Ahafo, Volta, Western and Northern Regions of Ghana.

Profile Of Bishop Nobile Francis Afotey Odai

Bishop Noble Francis Afotey Odai is the Founder and General Overseer of Maranatha Power Ministries International which is located at Addogono-Nungua, in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana. Currently, the church has over 100 branches across the nation, one branch in Switzerland, and Sierra Leone, and two offices in the United States, and still has plans to establish more national and international branches. His passion for soul-winning has always made him travel to remote villages to reach the unreached people in the country to win them for Christ.  As part of his philanthropic activities, Bishop feeds the less privileged children in a society with food very often and also has an annual Christmas outreach party that feeds over 30,000 children, adults, and physically challenged persons every December. His foundation together with the church and foreign patrons has constructed almost 50 freshwater wells for deprived villages and towns in Ghana that do not have fresh sources of drinking water, he has also built clinics and mission schools and provides free medical care between 4 to 6 times a year. The ministry has distributed over 60,000 free mosquito nets across the country.

Since 2006, every December, we feed between 20,000 and 32,000 children, physically challenged, orphans, and the aged in Ghanaian society by putting smiles on their faces and sharing the love of God with them by preaching the gospel to them and also feeding them with food.

He is also the President of Covenant Ministers Fellowship (MCF), a ministerial fellowship of pastors that he founded in Ghana. He is happily married to Rev. Mrs. Valerie Afotey Odai and they are blessed with three wonderful children: Rev Odai Afotey Jr., Ruth, and Deborah. Apart from his biological children, he also takes care of a lot of orphans in his house.



The Church Has A Television Station Called MARANATHA TV

which is focused on preaching the gospel to reach and win souls to the Kingdom. The station runs a 19-hour broadcast (both Live and Recorded). Maranatha Television also broadcasts to other churches and so you are welcome to preach on this powerful channel that is reaching the whole of west Africa and other parts of East Africa.

Kindly reach us via [email protected] or www.maranathatvonline.com.

Maranatha's missions works include medical, missions, mosquito net outreaches, crusades, drilling of freshwater wells, the establishment of mission schools, Leader conferences across the country, and many more. Support for this Godly mission is support for humanity. For over 20 years we have drilled water well, and fed children, adults, Orphans, and Physically Challenged persons. There are four ways you can be part of this great commission;
  1. By being a praying partner.
  2. Financial partner.
  3. You can come to missions in Africa with your family, youth, or church groups to help save souls and preach the gospel.
  4. You can organize a mission Banquet for us in your locality.

For more information, you can visit our website via www.maranathapowerministries.org

Village Churches

The typical African church in the villages needs a place of worship.
The people in these areas are devoted to the true gospel of Christ after conversion and providing a decent place of worship is the joy of the congregation in the village.

It is our prayer that you help us both in prayer and finances to help the people in these areas that are converted from Vodoo and Islam to Christianity.

Bible School

Maranatha Power Ministries International has a Bible College called Maranatha School of Ministry that runs certificate and Diploma courses in Theology. The School of Ordination under the auspices of the School of Ministry trains and equip people who are already in ministry with the knowledge to enable them to perform excellently well in God's vineyard. Some of the subjects the school teaches include Systematic Theology, Church History, Evangelism, Homiletics, Hermeneutics, Basic Psychology, etc. Interestingly, the school organizes mission trips periodically for the students to do their ministerial practicals on the mission fields.

To Support


I hereby give
One time $…………..
Weekly $……………….
Monthly $……………….

Toward The Vision Listed

Opportunity to support
  1. To build a pole ban/place of worship 25 * 50. $ 6,700 one time
  2. Jesus Saves Campaign & Leadership Training for 1,000 people. $8 per person
  3. Children’s Party/Crusade. $5 per person
  4. Mission Pastor $100 a month
  5. Mission Teachers $150 a month
  6. Sponsor a child to school. $30 a month
  7. Bicycle for village pastor. $200 Bike
  8. Motor Bicycle for village pastor. $1,200 per Bike
  9. Tricycle for a village pastor. $1,800 per tricycle.


Branches In Ghana


Ordained Ministers



Nungua Addogonno, Behind New Nungua Polyclinic P.O.BOX TS 132, Teshie, Accra, Ghana. Email: [email protected] Tel: (+ 233) 24 465 6588, 55 594 0103

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