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Mensakrom Outreach

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Everyday Ministry helped to provide a pole ban ( house of worship). We did a 2days revival there and the amazing thing is that, there was an overflow of congregation. People stood outside, some sat on the walls and even on the floor because the chairs there were not enough.

On our first day of the revival, the only light the church had was one flash light ( torch light) and the pastor of the church told us they use just that one flash light for their evening services. 

On our second day of revival, God provided a $500 generator, a new set of drums, and some light bulbs. When it was announced that the things provided were gifts to the church, there was an overflow of joy because for the first time in the village, there was water, a place of worship, and light. Mama Beth also provided rice and oil to all the church leaders of Mensakrom as well as Benuanu. 

We give God all the Glory for the wonderful things He is doing in the lives of people in the remote area of Ghana. We thank Everyday Ministry and Southern Hills Baptist for their great support and all those who contributed financially and with prayers.




Nungua Addogonno, Behind New Nungua Polyclinic P.O.BOX TS 132, Teshie, Accra, Ghana. Email: Tel: (+ 233) 24 465 6588, 55 594 0103

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